10 DOPE Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for your Awesome Mom.


People from all over the world read this blog, but I know a select few actually know my mom personally and everyone seems to have the same idea of her… SHE’S AMAZING!!! She has this spirit that just catches immediately when you are in her presence.  It is the spirit of “YOU… I like you. And I want to be your friend.”  She could turn the DMV guy (you know how much we hate them) into an instant friend in 2 seconds flat.


Have you ever met someone like this? Maybe your mom is dope as hell in this way too.  Well, if you have a mom that is as amazing as mine, than you know that you can’t just give her some whack gift from the Target Easter clearance section.  She deserves the world and all the universes combined!


So I have solved the problem! Check out these 10 Mother’s Day gifts and experiences that are all super unique and your mom will LOVE them.  Please note, this blog is based in Portland and some of the experiences are exclusive to this city. However, check and see if there is something similar in a city near you!

  1.  The Gift of Survival – For the Practical Mom


I absolutely DESPISE a bland gift.  I hate giving them that is.  I just like something that is more unique. Especially for someone who I love and adore.  Save the bland ones for your lame boss. HA!  This gift idea is sort of out-of-the-box.  But get her something that will help her with survival skills.  For example, does she know how to swim?  If not, get her a private swimming lesson.  Does your mom constantly talk about the nukes and how Trump is going to destroy the world?  Gift her with a survival kit full of ALL the necessities to help ease some of her fears.  There are a million different things you could do with a survival gift! Did I get your creative juices flowin? I sure hope so.

2.  The Gift that Gives Back – For the Giving Mom

clouds-daytime-deep-ocean-892548 (1).jpg

Does she cry at the “save the snow leopards” commercials? Me too mom. Me too!  Maybe this year, gift her with an actual donation to WWF and save those damn snow leopards so we don’t have to watch the commercials anymore and cry.  There are TONS of charities that you can donate to.  Choose one that she is passionate about!

3.  MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES!!! – For the mom that loves surprises


BEST GIFT EVER! There is a plethora of subscription box ideas out there.  Pick one that is unique to your mom’s interests and sign her up for a month or so.  It’s exciting to get something new in the mail each month.  One that is absolutely PERFECT for Mother’s Day is mommymailbox.  It’s less than $30/month and your mom will get fun and uplifting gifties in a box. She will LOVE it.  Kick it up a knotch and print off the voucher for her subscription box by getting a fancy card, with a thoughtful expression of your love for her handwritten inside, and attach some fresh flowers with it.  Keep it cute, keep it grown and sexy, and keep it thoughtful.

4.  HIGH TEA — For the sophisticated mom


If I didn’t know better, I think in a past life I actually was the black queen of England sipping my tea and thoughly enjoying my 3 tiers of delectables.  I am a tea drinking SNOB!! I absolutely LOVE tea and cannot get enough of it.  Nothing makes me happier than being in a high tea situation.  Gift your mom with the experience of high tea.  Just make sure you book EARLY because these sort of afternoon tea experiences book FAST. Especially here in Portland.  The only true English tea experience that I am aware of in Portland is at Hotel Delux. This service is offered year round.  The Heathman offers a high tea also, but only during the holidays.  There may be some other tea options outside of Portland such as in Salem, Vancouver, Eugene… but in Portland the Hotel Deluxe is where it’s at. BOOK ASAP!!!!!

5. Pole Dancing Classes – For the Sexy Mom


She may have not told you she wanted to do this, but now that she has a gift to do it now is her chance!  Give her the opportunity to get into shape in a unique way.   Going to the gym and doing the same routine each time can get OLD.  This is sure to stir things up a bit and maybe even give her a new obsession.  Who cares if your mom wants to be in a pole dancing class!! Let the woman LIVE!!!! Click here for info

6.  Tickets to a Lecture — For the Educated Mom

There are so many gurus out there that people follow.  Help moisturize her mind by this awesome gift idea.  Who is your fave guru that you would like to see?  I’m really curious about Tony Robbins.  The dude is a mad man, but with his infectious energy I might come out 10 pounds lighter, moisturized, $10,000 richer with a billion dollar business partner in hand.  Let’s do this banana hands! (Shallow Hal reference lol) Here are some lectures in the Portland area.

7.  A Photoshoot — For the mom that loves the spotlight


When is the last time your mom had her picture taken professionally?  Give her the gift of professional photos of you & her together.  What mom doesn’t love showing off photos of her family.  This gift is ideal…. INSERT BUSINESS PLUG HERE… so of course as a photographer, I am offering you an incredible deal.  $50 mini sessions at the studio for you and your mom.  Click here to contact me and to see my website!

8.  A Fitting for a GOOD bra — For the mom with big boobs


Sorry sons, but this is a true dilemma that moms with big boobs have! Bras just don’t FIT!!! Set up a fitting so she can get some GOOD underwear and keep her girls looking good.  I am telling you, this gift will be THRILLING to really any woman that wants a good bra.  As a mom with big boobs, this is something that I struggle with.  These things are a blessing and a curse.  The gift of no boobie muffin top would be greatly appreciated. If you are in the Portland area check out Just Like a Woman located on the Westside.

9.  Dining in the Dark — For the Foodie Mom


I’m not one that keeps up with the trends or anything like that, but this trend is one that is actually a great gift idea.  Treat your mom to Dining in the Dark at The Blind Cafe!  It is JUST that. You eat in pitch black DARKNESS.  The idea is that without the sense of sight, your other senses are heightened therefore creating a very unique eating experience.  We are so driven to eat things that LOOK good, but what if that part is removed? The experience in Portland is offered at various times throughout the year and the meals are all vegetarian.  Following the experience there is a discussion on community related issues.  It’s cool to discuss your thoughts with fellow citizens. Plus this is a (501) C 3 Organization so you are giving back to a good cause.   This is oh so very Portland and the foodie in her will LOVE This.

10. Luxury Laundry Detergent- For the clean freak mom


This may sound really weird to give as a gift but hear me out. My mom is obsessed with keeping things neat and tidy. She actually gets true pleasure from keeping her space clean. Is your mom like this?  If so, treat her to some luxurious laundry detergent from The Laundress.  This detergent is small batch and handmade in NYC.  It is non-toxic, biodegradable AND you can use it not only to wash your clothes, but you can use it to clean your entire home! Your mom will absolutely LOVE this product.  Make it into a cute gift basket, with several different products from their line.

If these ideas don’t get you to think outside the box, you always have old faithful…. a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They always bring a smile to their faces. NEVER FAILS!

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WEEKEND REVIEW: Maternity Pix, Family, & Westworld


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was very busy and filled with fun family time.

When I was pregnant with Adley, for some reason I decided that I didn’t want to do maternity photos.  But I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to take them this time around so my family and I decided to get professional photos done this weekend.

I am so glad that I decided to do these because I felt absolutely BEAUTIFUL and my photographer truly captured me and my personality.  She hasn’t sent me all the final edits yet, but here is a little glimpse into our amazing photo shoot. (More can be found on Instagram as she sends me more)   Shout out to Cris Stroud for hooking me up! For more info about my photographer click here 

9 (1)


15 (1).jpg


In other news, I am working on a MASSIVE photography project that is really going to change the game in terms of photography in Portland.  I am launching the 1st Annual POP Awards (Professionals of Photography Awards).


This event will showcase the incredible creative talent that we have here in Portland and honor them with various awards in photography.  In addition to giving away awards,  this event will be working in partnership with Zel Haiti, a mom owned non-profit that supports women and children in need in Haiti.  Click the link to learn more about them.

zel haiti

For more information about my event and how to nominate a photographer, please click this link.   I can’t wait for this fun event. Of course, this will be unlike other award galas.  It will be done in the Sarah way.  Over the top and out of the box.  This year’s theme is “Millenial Pink.”   Not only will it make a difference in many lives, but it is pushing me to a level in my career that I did not anticipate.  I’m up for the challenge!!!


Also, I’m super excited because we had some family come into town and they are thinking about moving to PORTLAND!  As someone from Portland, I think it is absolutely CRAZY to move from sunny San Diego.  However, even though Portland is expensive, California is ridiculously overpriced and overcrowded and by moving here they can have a MUCH better quality of life financially, more bang for their buck, and of course be surrounded by US.   If anyone has some tips for moving to Portland and want to share please put them in the comments.  I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Did anyone catch Westworld’s season 2 premiere?  I’m dying to watch it. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

And if you haven’t gotten on the Westworld bandwagon yet, you need to ASAP.  It is basically like if Jurassic Park were people instead of dinosaurs.  It all sounds good resurrecting dinosaurs and creating a theme park until everything goes wrong.  Same concept here. Literally a twisted theme park of sorts with humanoid robots and the crazy humans who created them in an old western society. It is such an incredible and very thought provoking show.  The show is violent and pretty wild so keep the kids away from the TV when watching this.  Moisturize your mind and get on it!!!! My husband and I are completely OBSESSED.

WHEW!!! Did that all really happen in one weekend? Yes… yes it did.  And I wouldn’t change a single second of it.

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12 Reasons Why You’re KILLIN IT at Life Even When it Feels Like You’re Not.


Over the years, I have come to realize that in order to be happy in life your biggest cheerleader needs to be…drumroll… YOURSELF!  You may have a million people cheering you on, but all is useless if you don’t believe in yourself first.

As the eternal optimist that I am, I figured that this post would be that boost of positivity that we ALL need in this hell hole of a world that we are living in.

I have gone through my own bouts of self-doubt, sadness, feelings of hopelessness, regret… I’ve felt all of those feelings and they SUCK.  They literally suck the life out of you. But one thing that I have also learned is overcoming those feelings and realizing just how much I am actually killin it at this thing called life! Let me just enlighten you on how you actually ARE killin the game :

  1.  You Often Take the High Road


We have ALL been there.  This can be incredibly hard.  Someone did you wrong in some way, and instead of creating a bigger mess and calling the girl a “ratchet hoe” and snatching her barbie wig off, you simply smile and move on.


This is a level 1 high road achievement. Now, if you are REALLY killing it, you take it as far as befriending this ratchetness which will then upgrade you to a level 2 of high road achievement. That is a whole level of killin it that I have yet to reach.   But I’m getting there.

2.  You Realize that ALL CREDIT SCORES ACTUALLY DO MATTER— But Not in the Same Way


As adults, we now have to worry about things like credit scores.  At 18 years old, I could care less about a credit score or what it would do to me.  So you have taken the responsible route and decided to pay attention to that 3 digit number (is it possible to have less than 3 digits? YIKES) .  Good for you.  Plus, I heard that we will each be getting a 30 point boost soon.  WINNING!!!!  Does your credit score still suck? Check out these tips on how to boost your score quick, fast, and in a hurry click here.   Don’t be ashamed of a bad score! Just don’t sit around and cry about it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Pay off your debt (esp. credit card debt), make your payments on time, and don’t live outside of your means just to impress people who are NOT impressed.


It will get better!

3.  Tiny Humans Worship You


If you are a young parent, you understand this.  They may drive you absolutely nuts, but your kids actually worship you. They want to be you, they want to eat what you eat, do what you do, and live how you live.  This is such an empowering feeling.  For me, it makes me want to be an even better person and work hard to be the BEST representation of a parent that I can be.   So far so good! #killinit

4.  You Don’t Play the Blame Game


Who the hell came up with this game? It is a ridiculous game with NO winners and only losers. Rather than blaming your issues on someone else or someTHING else, maybe it is actually just YOU that is the problem.  Taking accountability will set you FREE! You have no direction in life? Maybe it’s because of YOU that your are in this situation? You are in the same shitty job for the past 10 years… well…. no one is stopping you from quitting! Let’s be real about our situations and take a LONG HARD LOOK at ourselves and adjust accordingly.  Get back to Killin it!!!

5.  People Ask YOU for Advice


WTF? You actually want MY opinion for YOUR life? WOW! What an honor to have someone ask you about what step they should take next or how to respond to this certain relationship issue.  You must be a valuable person in their life.  Keep up the good work.

6.  You are NOT a Racist, Bigoted, Piece of SHIT.


I mean, do I even need to explain this one?  Just stop it… and stop hanging around those who are, UNLESS, you are simply hanging around them to be a positive representation of being a better person. Otherwise, move along… We see you, STUPID.

7.  You Are a Unicorn and You Know It


Realizing that you are weird and you’re cool with it is a MASSIVE milestone.  Celebrate being YOU. Hell… I’m my biggest cheerleader.  Not because I’m full of myself (Kanye tendencies). But I am genuinely proud of what I have overcome and grown to be that I BASK in my weirdness and I’m very confident about it. Take it or leave it… but I’m certainly going to TAKE IT!!  I have so many hashtags for you to use next time you post a selfie on IG.  Feel free to steal them #memyselfandi #winning #killinit #toohottotrot #imthebagofchips #fierce #moveoverbeyonce #lovethineself

8.  You Actually Followed Through With a Goal and SUCCEEDED!


I have gone into Target and came out with ONLY a single package of paper plates I needed exactly 3 times in my life and I am proud! I stuck to my guns and didn’t get caught up in the adorable rose gold votive candle holders or those 30% clearance boots.  That is what I call SUCCESS.  How many times have you started a diet and failed?  Like a million times.  But there are those people that have incredible will power and did not fail THIS time around. Is that you?  If so, give yourself several pats on the back because guurrrrl… you is WINNING.

9.  You know things about wine

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I do know that it tastes good and that at tastings you are supposed to “taste not swallow” the wine.  Other than that, I could care less about the oakiness and pepperiness of that Pinot Noir you are drinking.  But kudos if you actually know REAL things about wine.  Do us laypersons a favor and don’t be boujee but let us into some of the tips and tricks for a better wine tasting experience.

10.  You Pay for Everyone at the Table

This may be a touchy subject. But I have noticed this come up in multiple blogs.  So let’s ease into this. When we were younger, you were invited to the birthday party at Johnny’s house and you simply showed up with a gift and were not expected to pay for anything.  You ate pizza, cake and ice cream, played a few games and went home.  But NOW as adults, you are invited to someone else’s birthday party and are expected to pay for yourself to celebrate THEIR birthday and also give them a gift.  Why is this normal?  Be the person who pays for your friend next time you go out to happy hour and then let them take the bill next time.  Host a party where we can just show up and celebrate! We are growing up y’all!

11.  You have decided that experiences are more important than things


YES YES YESSSSS!!!!! Stuff is just STUFF, experiences create long lasting memories that you can cherish FOR-EV-A.  Instead of buying those dope name brand shoes, trade them in and save for an incredible vacation with your boo thang.  Experiences make you crave a stronger connection to the people you value most rather than valuing the objects above them.  Let’s do more of that.

12.  You have learned how to accept help from others


Another thing that people have trouble with is accepting any sort of help.  People don’t like to ask for help.  Whether this is for financial reasons, health reasons, whatever it may be it’s hard to ask for something.   I have realized that there are SO many people looking to find a way to help other people.  Why? Because it feels SO damn good to give back that people thrive in a helping environment.  Why not be on the receiving end of a helping hand for once?  LIFE IS TOUGH. Learn to let others help you when you need it and put your pride to the side.  I have experienced both sides of the coin and both feel really good.  It’s great to know that I have so many people willing and able to help me.  It also feels so great to know that I can pay it forward when the opportunity arises.  Great job folks… told ya you were killin the game.

So you see, you are not sucking at life the way you thought. You are actually leaps and bounds ahead of many of our fellow humans.  Let’s show the aliens that not all life on Earth is unintelligent and we actually have a lot to offer! HA!

But really, take a moment and step outside of life’s ridiculous pressures and reassure yourself that you are doing just fine.  You ARE a great parent, you ARE a great friend, you ARE a fantastic employee, you ARE a great person and people love and appreciate you for being YOU.  YOU’RE KILLIN’ IT.

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I Took A “Momcation” and I liked it.


This topic seems self explanatory to me, but I’m not EVERYONE.  I am the type of mom that loves and truly adores her husband and children, but also revels in my alone time.  I have always been this way.

My husband laughs at me when I tell him that when I was in middle school, I would be alone in my room doing all kinds of weird things like being COMPLETELY naked and choreographing my own dance routines to 90s house music.  I’m not sure why I was naked, I was just in my own ZONE.  You know, typical middle school stuff. LOL

Pretty sure this was 8th grade… Yikerz.

Side Note// One day I will post about my weird middle school years. I’m sure it will be entertaining.

When I’m alone, it’s just me, my own thoughts, my own existence, and my own sense of peace.  So, being the thoughtful husband that he is he treated me to a night at this amazing hotel on the SW Portland waterfront COMPLETELY alone.

River’s Edge Hotel & Spa

Being that I have a very active 2 year old and I’m 33 weeks pregnant this was an incredible and unexpected treat for me to just have some uninterrupted ME TIME!

So I checked in and here is what my room looked like.  Very Portland minimalist, natural, and chic with a river view.



I was totally McCullay Culkin on Home Alone 2.  I did what any 10 year old stuck in New York with loads of cash would do… I ordered room service!!


A juicy cheeseburger and fries and vanilla bread pudding… JUST FOR ME!! And it was worth every single solitary calorie.  Room service comes from the attached restaurant at Rosswood.  Seems like a nice little date night spot.  For people who live in Portland, it used to be Aquariva but has a completely different menu and management now.

After stuffing my face full of junk food and taking a LONG HOT SHOWER, I did what any exhausted mom would do…got super cozy in bed and caught up on some terrible chick flicks and fell asleep at 7:30pm.


I got like 12 hours of sleep which was IN-CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soaking it all in before a newborn comes into the picture again and I have sleep that is in the negatives. ***Sigh***

The next morning, I woke up and felt revitalized for at least 2 hours before coming back down to reality. LOL But it was worth it and my husband is the king of the universe for giving me the chance to be alone for a while.

If you are a mom, or just someone who feels overworked and exhausted, do yourself a favor and take some time away to be alone! Don’t feel guilty about it! You give everything you have day in and day out and that is a whole lot of work.  Everyone deserves some time to themselves.  Trust me, it’s worth it!


This was my Monday “Weekend Review” post and I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into my world.  Stay tuned for the next Sharplandia post!  I’m really starting to get a hang of this blog thing.






12 Tips for Getting your First Brazilian Wax


YOU GUYSSSSSSS! I did the unthinkable. That’s right. I actually got my first brazilian wax.  I have an odd sense of accomplishment from doing it. It was something that I have always wondered about, so for my trip to Bermuda I thought I might as well try it.

european wax1

The Result. I will never do anything else. This is the best thing that has ever happend to beautify my genital region. Now don’t go getting all weird. We are all adults here and we all have to deal with that region on a daily basis, so why not talk about it?!

For me it is the part of my body that I would prefer to keep SUPER clean. And for me this is a way to do it.  Here are my tips for going to European Wax Center and getting a brazilian…

european wax.jpg

1. Take Advantage of your First Wax

I did a lot of research about Brazilian waxes and the location I decided to go with was European Wax Centers.  They are located all around the country.  I went to the Clackamas location located here in Oregon. Here’s why I chose it.  First of all, as a first time waxer you get a free wax (anything other than Brazilian) or a discount on a Brazilian wax.  What would have cost me around $50 only cost me $25!!  WINNING!!!! This is only a 1 time thing though.

2. Read about Other People’s  Experiences

I  was on YouTube for like 3 days straight just reading  about  other people’s experiences. It helped me realize what I was getting myself into. I will post a video next time I go. Stay tuned. Next appointment September 22!!!

3. It hurts but only for a few seconds

Don’t go into this thinking it doesn’t hurt. It absolutely DOES. But only for a second. LITERALLY.  Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed? Its exactly the same as that but on your vag. It hurts for only the second that they are ripping the hair out and it goes away. You are not in pain for 3 days or anything like that. I walked out of there on a smooth skin HIGH! I cannot tell you enough, IT ONLY HURTS FOR 1 SECOND! YOU WILL TOTALLY SURVIVE.  There are things that are WAY WAAAAAAAAY worse than getting a brazilian wax. Like a paper cut. Paper cuts hurt like a… well you know.

4. Be ready for the technician to talk a lot

I’m not sure if this is true for other women, but you know one of the most annoying things for me is when I  go to the OBGYN for a  pap test, the gynecologist is suddenly very interested in MY life and everything I’m doing. Just won’t stop talking to me. Like really? You are all up in my vag and you want to discuss my Friday night dinner plans?!  Why am I suddenly more interesting in THIS circumstance? Well… its the same thing when you are getting waxed.  She will be talking your ear off, so just be ready to have a long life conversation while you are spread eagle.

talk too much.jpg


5. They DO NOT use wax strips

I kind of assumed that  they would be using wax strips but they didn’t! They use a hard wax. This means the wax sticks directly to the hair rather than to the skin. So when the wax begins to harden they just strip it right off without strips! Pretty cool. The wax is super warm and feels a little weird but kinda great at the same time lol

hard wax.jpg

6. It doesn’t take long

I went in thinking it would take like an hour. I was in and out of the place in like 15-20 minutes! Quick and easy.


7. Grow out your hair for 4 weeks before your first Brazilian wax

You want to make sure that your hair is long before your first wax. Why? Because waxing removes hair from the follicle.  So the longer your hair, the easier it is to remove the follicle and the longer the wax will last and the smoother you will be.  YES!!


8. You are waxed from Front to Back

Yep. A brazilian means they get it ALL!! Vag & Booty… is that a song? (Bad and Boujee comes to mind. LOL)


9. Don’t get talked into buying the products

After your wax, the people working there will try to talk you into buying their expensive products. I unfortunately fell for it and bought some little “ingrown hair wipes” and I’ve only used them one time and have seen no difference.  They have what seems to be good products, so purchase if you want. I just don’t see any need moving forward.


10. Prepare to be tweezed

I was NOT expecting this. But they actually tweeze you down there too.  I mean they are super on point about removing ALL hairs even if that means you need a tweeze. Again, not really painful.



11. They DO NOT numb you

There are some myths out there that you get numbed before they wax you. NOT TRUE!! And you really don’t need it. I promise its not as bad as it seems.

12.  Do not use any lotions or creams after your first wax

After your wax you willl be VERY sensitive down there. Any types of lotions or oils may sting a little. Just be gentle to yourself and make sure to wear cotton panties (granny panties). You will be thankful you did.



Well, there you have it. My little insightful information for those of you interested in taking the plunge. My biggest tip is to just GO FOR IT!!!! You will be so happy that you did. I will never shave again. Waxing is definitely worth the money.  Two HUUUUUUUUGE thumbs up for European Wax Center!!!