I Took A “Momcation” and I liked it.


This topic seems self explanatory to me, but I’m not EVERYONE.  I am the type of mom that loves and truly adores her husband and children, but also revels in my alone time.  I have always been this way.

My husband laughs at me when I tell him that when I was in middle school, I would be alone in my room doing all kinds of weird things like being COMPLETELY naked and choreographing my own dance routines to 90s house music.  I’m not sure why I was naked, I was just in my own ZONE.  You know, typical middle school stuff. LOL

Pretty sure this was 8th grade… Yikerz.

Side Note// One day I will post about my weird middle school years. I’m sure it will be entertaining.

When I’m alone, it’s just me, my own thoughts, my own existence, and my own sense of peace.  So, being the thoughtful husband that he is he treated me to a night at this amazing hotel on the SW Portland waterfront COMPLETELY alone.

River’s Edge Hotel & Spa

Being that I have a very active 2 year old and I’m 33 weeks pregnant this was an incredible and unexpected treat for me to just have some uninterrupted ME TIME!

So I checked in and here is what my room looked like.  Very Portland minimalist, natural, and chic with a river view.



I was totally McCullay Culkin on Home Alone 2.  I did what any 10 year old stuck in New York with loads of cash would do… I ordered room service!!


A juicy cheeseburger and fries and vanilla bread pudding… JUST FOR ME!! And it was worth every single solitary calorie.  Room service comes from the attached restaurant at Rosswood.  Seems like a nice little date night spot.  For people who live in Portland, it used to be Aquariva but has a completely different menu and management now.

After stuffing my face full of junk food and taking a LONG HOT SHOWER, I did what any exhausted mom would do…got super cozy in bed and caught up on some terrible chick flicks and fell asleep at 7:30pm.


I got like 12 hours of sleep which was IN-CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soaking it all in before a newborn comes into the picture again and I have sleep that is in the negatives. ***Sigh***

The next morning, I woke up and felt revitalized for at least 2 hours before coming back down to reality. LOL But it was worth it and my husband is the king of the universe for giving me the chance to be alone for a while.

If you are a mom, or just someone who feels overworked and exhausted, do yourself a favor and take some time away to be alone! Don’t feel guilty about it! You give everything you have day in and day out and that is a whole lot of work.  Everyone deserves some time to themselves.  Trust me, it’s worth it!


This was my Monday “Weekend Review” post and I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into my world.  Stay tuned for the next Sharplandia post!  I’m really starting to get a hang of this blog thing.






Travelling out of the country KID-FREE for the First Time

So far, parenthood has been pretty much us just winging it! I can admit it and say I didn’t really read any parenting books or take any parenting classes. We just kind of dove in blind into this whole thing and so far the reward has far surpassed the risk.  We are so in love with our baby girl. But if you have any experience as a parent, you would understand that every now and then you just need a break! A long… solid… BREAK!

Well, this year my hubby and I decided to celebrate our anniversary out of the country! We went the beautiful island of Bermuda… KID-FREE!!!!  It was scary to think about leaving Adley (Mum-Mum and Pop pop loved having her though) behind for a week but we really wanted to reconnect as husband and wife and enjoy things that you can’t do with a child that is so young…. swimming in a secluded blue lagoon in the warm rain! (more on that later)


The goal of this trip was not only to celebrate our 6 year anniversary but also to maximize the romance and reconnect as husband and wife! Reconnecting is something that you really don’t get a chance to do much once a baby comes along. At  least not like THIS.  So we amped things up BIG time and spared no expense.


My relationship with Jordan came long before Adley was even a thought, and our connection is so deeply rooted and amazing. I can truly say that no one touches my soul the way that he does.  Yep, that dude is my soulmate, my soulbrotha, my soulman, whatever you want to call it, he’s THAT guy.  Although we knew extended uninterrupted time together would be few and far between once our baby was born,  it does bum me out when we don’t get as much time with each other as we did pre-baby.  But now that alone time is limited, when we DO get time, why not kick it up a notch or 2 or 3?

There is always that argument on what comes first in a marriage… kids or husband/wife? This is a complicated question because the first thing a lot of people want to say is of course the child.   Right?  Well, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.  It just depends on the dynamics within your household.  In our family, we agreed early on that our marriage would always come first.  And ’til this day, that remains true.  What do I mean by that?

This does not mean that our child is NOT a priority, she absolutely is and we would do anything for her. She is literally the best thing that has happened to us.  But in order to make sure that our child gets the best of US as her parents, we gotta work on us FIRST. Emotionally, physically, spiritually… we need to make sure we are in check as husband and wife and as Adley’s parents.   And sometimes, working on US means setting aside time for just US.  Also, I feel like working on our marriage is an ongoing process when things are good AND when things aren’t so good.  We are just better this way.   So… BERMUDA OR BUST… Check out these pix of us pretending to be fancy in the STUNNING island of Bermuda….

Did you know that Bermuda is an island was originally colonized by the Brits?  Its pretty incredible. The architecture, the culture, the history…gah! It was fabulous beyond words.  Definitely has an “old money” vibe.  Very sophisticated and swanky.  When I say swanky, I mean this is where the BILLIONAIRES vacation.  Things are SO expensive.  The craziest expense we saw as a Totino’s pizza,  you know those cheap frozen pizzas at the supermarket for 99 cents? A Totino’s pizza in Bermuda was $5.95!!!!!!! Complete madness.

Now you’re probably wondering how we were able to survive in Bermuda for a week. Well, the key was getting a cottage apartment.  We were able to cook some of our food while we were there. This saved us A LOT of money.  The average meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)  ran us upwards of $40/person per meal.  When we tried to find something cheaper the food sucked.

Although we were on vacation, 99% of our conversation was about how beautiful Bermuda was, how adorable our child is, and when and where we were going to eat.  Yep… we are new parents and travelling without her for the first time… and we love to eat.

The Reunion


I don’t care what you say, even if I’m out of town for just 48 hours, when I walk back into the door of my house it always feels SO good.  But this time it felt extra good because when that tiny human ran to me and wrapped her little arms around my neck and held on so hard… everything felt back to normal.  There is truly no place like home. And now-a-days, it is not home without my Adley Jae and my wet nosed, hyperactive pup Chubbs.

Looking back over these past 6 years of marriage, we have grown so much in our relationship.  I feel like our love is stronger than EVER.  Its so amazing to see my husband become a dad.  Its almost like dating a new guy.   Like who is this new man?  I kinda have a huge crush on him.  He’s kinda dope!  I didn’t know he knew baby talk!  I can’t wait to continue to get to know this new dad-husband, but I was also really happy to have a reunion with that guy that stole my heart…Jordan. Happy Anniversary my love!