5 Cheap Skin Care Products that Give Me Youthful Skin

ZERO Foundation. Just eye makeup, brows, and lips. I gotta have my lips

I’m not one to typically brag about my skin because lets face it, some people are simply genetically blessed with great skin and some aren’t.  I just so happen to be someone who has been blessed with GREAT skin!   Not to say that I never get blemishes or a pimple here and there but I was lucky enough to not struggle with really bad acne or premature wrinkles or anything like that when I was growing up.

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Everyone has a favorite part about their body and mine is my SKIN!!! I LOVE MY SKIN!  Since I love it so much, I try my best to take great care of it.  People always say that I have the most beautiful skin color and tone. Sometimes people assume I wear a lot of foundation and cover up but I rarely wear it.   The haters won’t believe me though. (Bye, Felicia)

Recently, pregnancy has done a doozy on it in not a great way.   Suddenly I have these weird freckles that I have NEVER had before and other random dark marks.  But I’m told this is just caused by hormones and will disappear after the baby is born.  Either way… I expect it to change regardless since I’m getting older every single second.

Me & My Dog Chubbs

Thank you to everyone who has given me this compliment because it really does mean a lot to me that you recognize something special in my outward appearance.  Since I often get this compliment, I also get asked what my beauty routine is.  So I thought I would share some products that help keep my skin young, bouncy, and radiant.

Grandma’s 80th Bday Party. She’s so fly. Love and Miss you Grandma RIP

It goes back to my grandma and I’m sure generations before her too, who didn’t have a single wrinkle until the day she passed (RIP grandma!) .  She was 80 years old in the photo above. She passed at 86 years old.  So what is our secret?  Well for one, we’re black!  It really is true that “black don’t crack.”

My Mom & Grandma. ZERO Make-up


3 generations of beautiful skin

It’s just something in the melanin and oils in darker skin that tend to allow us to have smoother skin than people with lighter complexions.  It is the elasticity that is naturally found in darker skin that allows it to age more gracefully.  One of my close friends uses the phrase “Asians don’t Raisin.”  TRUTH!!!!!  It is also the natural sun blocking agents in our skin that allows it to endure LESS damage than people with lighter skin.  (Still wear sunblock no matter what your skin tone is. Cancer does not discriminate. Don’t be crazy)   Maybe they should look in Africa for the fountain of youth. LOL

The other secret is simply water, sleep, and CHEAP skin products!!! I promise you that I have tried a TON of the expensive brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown in hopes that they would blow my little drug store product out of the water… but the BEST ones are found right in your local Target.   There is a reason why these products have been around for 1000 years.  It’s because THEY WORK! Don’t let the Kardashians fool you into spending more money than you need to!

My biggest skin issue is that I tend to have drier skin, which could be from not drinking ENOUGH water, so I tend to choose hydrating skin products.   Keep reading and find out some of my favorite go-tos that don’t break the bank and will leave you with a dewy, just out of the shower look.

  1. L’ Oreal Hydra Renewal 

Price: $6.42


This product costs less than a value meal at McDonald’s and is absolutely incredible!  I actually feel a little ripped off because I bought mine at Ulta for $7.99 but Wal-Mart has it for under $7!!  It really does what it says it will do and that is… HYDRATE!  My skin feels moist and soft all day and night.

My Routine //  Morning & Night put on after showering and apply BEFORE putting on any makeup.

2.  Ponds Hydrating Skin Cream 

Price: $4.99-7.99


This was my FIRST cheap hydrating cream that I bought that surpassed any of the fancy pants ones.  I wore this one for YEARS!!! Literally up until about 6 months ago.  It is INCREDIBLY hydrating but does not feel greasy. It just feels like you just had a hydrating face mask that lasts all day long.  Why did I change it up? Because I just felt like a change.  The product is great and I will likely go back to using it again in the future.

My Routine // Make sure to use a cleanser first and then apply.  Just helps keep that hydrated  and fresh feeling longer.

3.   Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray 

Price: $7.00


Literally use this each and every day for an extra boost.  It smells like magic in a bottle and costs a measly $7.  You probably only need like 2 sprays, but I spray it like 10 times.  5 times on my face and like 5 times all around my body because it smells so fresh and delicious.

My Routine //  Cleanse your face.  Apply moisturizer.  Apply make-up.  Use rose water spray as a finishing spray.  DONE!

4.  NYX Honey Dew Me Up

Price: $16.99


This is not really a skin CARE product I use. But more of a skin enhancing product. And it’s one of the more expensive products but will last a LONG time.   It is a skin primer that should be used prior to makeup application.  It definitely gives your skin an extra little glow.  You can notice a difference in the tone of your skin.  It just shines a little more.  Great for the spring and summer time to add to your summer sparkle.  I purchased mine at Ulta.

My Routine // Apply before applying foundation. OR simply cleanse and moisturize your face and apply a little of this for a quick fresh out of the shower look.  Great for when you need to leave the house FAST.

5.  Kiss Professional Face Masks

Price: $3.00 each


I got a sample of one of these in a subscription box and ever since I’ve tried it I’ve been HOOKED! You guys gotta try it.  Since I’m a fan of hydration and that fresh feeling, I really enjoy the cucumber one, but they have 8 different kinds.  Everything from Charcoal to Aloe.  All of which I’m sure are amazing! But for the sake of this post, I recommend the cucumber one! FAB.U.LOUS!

My Routine // I apply a face mask whenever I get a chance to relax without a baby constantly touching me.  What’s the use in using one if you can’t fully embrace the relaxation?  Remember, rest is a HUGE part of my beauty routine.


Do yourself a favor and try one of these cheap options and let me know how it treats you! Have anything you think I should try? Let me know! I love chatting about beauty products.  Thank you for reading and see you back here soon!