8 Deliciously Fun Rosé Inspired Gift Ideas for your Bestie

Hey girl, HEEEEY! Nothing screams Spring more than an icey cold glass of pink Rosé.  Share your obsession of this pink delight with your friends and become the friend some wish they always had.  Sip sip HOORAY!

Did you know that my photography company Sharp Pix offers sexy boudoir parties?  What is a boudoir party?  It is a fun event where you gather your closest girlfriends, drink wine, take sexy ass pictures, and have a grand ole time. Sound like fun? Of course it does!!!!  Check out these Rosé ideas below and learn more!


  1. Rosé Gummies


What once had a massive wait list of 18K, has now made these sweet mosels of rosé goodness available to everyone! You can choose from small, large, bulk, or tester size.  So depending on how much your bff love’s rosé, you have a few options! Go BIG or you know the rest. Found at Sugarfina.

2. Rosé ALL DAY Boudoir Party

flat lay 2

Sharp Pix is my photography company and I offer all inclusive, sexy, and fun as hell Rosé ALL DAY themed boudoir parties.  What does this mean? Get your bridal party together and come out for a day of sexy photos, rosé wine on tap, treats and crazy bachelorette fun.  You can go as luxurious as you would like! We have all the options available to make your party POP. Make this a night the bride will never forget… or maybe she will forget like I did. Which only means the party was totally LIT.

3. Rosé Beach Towel


Spring/Summer is just around the corner so your rose loving friend will definitely use this one! Check out Yes Way Rose for all kinds of rosé gift ideas.

4. Rosé Shoes


I HATE having to put on shoes to go outside to grab the mail or whatever. So these simple slip ons are the perfect solution and testament to your love for rose!  They are found on Amazon. SLAAAAY!

5. Rosé Floor Mat


Let all your guests know how much you love the pink libation each and every time they come over to visit.  You can find this at the adorable Etsy Store Be There in Five

6. Rosé Wine Tote


What better gift to give a Rosé lover than a wine tote! Kick it up a knotch and put a couple bottles in there for them to enjoy. Do a sparkling and a regular to keep it sexy. Found on Etsy from The Pepper Mill Shop 

7. Cake Donuts

Love to bake? Make your BFF some homemade Rosé Cake Donuts from scratch! This simple recipe is sure to wow anyone. Make sure to save one for yourself.  Recipe  & photo from SIVAN AYLA


What You Need // Yields 12 donuts

  • 2 cups cake flour, sifted
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tspns baking powder
  • 1/4 tspn ground nutmeg
  • 1 tspn salt
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 tblspn butter, melted
  • 2 tblspns rosé

What To Do:

  1. Preheat oven to 425º
  2. Spray a donut pan with vegetable cooking spray.
  3. In a large bowl, sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, and salt. Add buttermilk, eggs, rosé, and butter. Beat until just combined. Fill each pan cavity approximately 2/3 full.
  4. Bake 7-9 minutes, or until the tops of the donuts spring back when touched.
  5. Let cool in pan for 4-5 minutes before removing.

8.  Rosé Body Polish


Nothing makes me feel better than a nice long and luxurious bubble bath. Kick your cleansing game up with this awesome body polish! You will smell delicious. Found at Anthropologie.


There you have it! Some awesome and unique Rosé gift ideas for your bffs.  But as I always say, do yourself a favor and TREAT ‘YO SELF! You deserve it.




9 Surprisingly Awesome Kanye Inspired Men’s Gift Ideas

kanye-westI know what you’re thinking. A gift idea about Kanye West? WTF? How is that going to work? EVERYBODY JUST CALM DOWN. Just hear me out for a second.  Although in recent years Kanye has exhibited some rather unusual behavior, you cannot deny the fact that he is his own character with his own unique attributes.   Remember, Kanye has evolved over the years.

From The College Dropout to weirdo Yeezy, lets take a journey through time and you will see that these Kanye inspired gifts are absolute perfection for your husband’s next birthday. Here… we… go.

1. College Drop Out Kanye


Photo By Oregon Ducks

This men’s gift idea is inspired by the college drop out album of 2004.  At this time, I was just graduating from high school and headed off to school in the south! I attended Dillard University in New Orleans. Where are my NO folks at? WHOOP! Anyway, there is a song on the album called School Spirit.  Gift your hubby with alumni gear from his college or university!  My husband loves the Oregon Ducks, so Duck gear is always a winning gift in this household. Which college team does your man root for?

2. Kanye’s Workout Plan


This song was also on the College Drop Out, but it had sexual references. Sex is always a good gift idea for your man but in this case gift your dude with a super fly new gym membership or amazing new gym equipment. If you live in the Los Angeles area, Equinox is the most incredible gym I have ever been to. State of the art EVERYTHING! A gym membership to a high class gym would be incredible. Maybe even buy him a personal training session.

3. Katrina Kanye

“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People.” Um…. Remember that cringe worthy Kanye statement? I remember it extremely clearly because I was someone who was directly affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  I was going to school there and had to evacuate (that’s a whole other blog post) . Anyway, we all cringed but secretly applauded Kanye in this moment. And although it was a shocking statement, he used his celebrity platform to awkwardly and inappropriately give a voice to the black citizens of the New Orleans community.  He was “trying” to do a good thing. So it has inspired this gift idea.

save the children

Why not give your man a gift that gives back?  Donate in his honor to a disaster relief fund and lets prevent another Katrina situation (and Kanye Situation) from happening again.

4. Luxury Dad Kanye

Kanye West is a dedicated father to his absolutely adorable kids North and Saint.  But he is no BBQ’N, New Balance Wear’N dad. He is pretty (in my Guy Fiere voice) “Out of Bounds.” So what kind of luxury gift do you give such a dad? I was inspired by his wife Kim and the extreme gift she gave to him for his birthday in 2015. She actually gifted him a birthday extravaganza at The Staples Center (LA’s Professional Basketball/Sports Complex).  This gift cost a hefty $110,000!!!! You can read the article here.

kim and kanye

Instead of gifting your boyfriend the entire sports center (unless you got it like that. I sure don’t) Give him the gift of a professional sport game at the sports arena in your area. Here in Oregon we have the Portland Trail Blazers and the Portland Timbers.  The sports guy in him with LOVE you for it. Click Here

5. Baby Kanye………….. * Little Man Gift Alert*

Let’s face it, these days there is no Kanye without Kim being somewhere nearby.  Well, I’m excited to see their adorable kid’s line.  Having a child myself, I love shopping for kids clothes.  Keep in mind, this is Kanyashian so it is an expensive line. But OH SO CUTE! Their kids line is called The Kid Supply. Give the little man in your life a cute bomber jacket or graffiti shoes for his big birthday celebration.

the kid supply Photo by Starcasm.net

///TRUE STORY: Kanye’s Design team was contacted by Oregon’s Department of Transportation (Tri-Met) because apparently Kimye stole Tri-Met’s logo without their permission and placed it on their kidswear sweatshirts! Ha!  You can read more on this here

Photo by Kid Supply

6. Yeezy

If you are unfamiliar with Kanye, he also goes by the name Yeezy.  He has since created a clothing line named after himself called Yeezy Supply.  It is basically an extremely minimalist style of design which could be called boring or just downright weird.  But there are some items that he has that are actually pretty fabulous.  If you have Kanye money, you can gift your man with something from his clothing line.

yeezy supplyphoto by Vogue Paris

Give him a little gift of millenial pop culture to marinate on.  Something to tell your grandkids about!  If the Yeezy Supply line is too spendy, check out Yeezy Boost by Adidas.  The shoes are a bit more “affordable!”


7. Kanye Food Faves


Take him on a cheap date to one of Kanye’s favorite places to eat, McDonalds! Apparently, Kanye has a ridiculous obsession with Mickie D’s.  I too can’t get enough of their amazing french fries.  Check out these other known Kanye restaurant faves.

spotted-pig-kanye.0 Photo by Spotted Pig/ Getty Images

If you can’t take him out, Kanye is known to be obsessed with junkfood such as, Chips, Sour Skittles, and Ice Cream. Give your junkfood loving man a homemade Junkfood basket as a surprise “for no reason” gift.  #nomnomnom

8. “Beyonce had the Best Video of All Time”

Remember this? Yikes! Cringe! NOOOO!!! So maybe Kanye put his foot in his mouth during Taylor Swift’s moment.  He literally stole the spotlight. How about a gift that puts your man directly in the spotlight with Improve Lessons!!


Take him out of his comfort zone and into the Kanye Zone with some acting skills.  This would be a fun activity for you both to enjoy.  Take a couple shots before you go to take the nervous edge off and Get out there and get Kanyefied!!!!

9. Kanye the Wrapper

Kanye is first known for being a very intelligent and clever hip hop artist.  He would rap (get it) about some very REAL subjects which I loved about old Kanye. When all is said and done, if you are giving someone a physical gift you typically wrap it up in some sort of way.  Why not wrap your gift to grandpa in this Kanye wrapping paper?

kanyegiftwrap.jpg Photo by Native21

Gramps will probably ask you who he is (I know mine would LOL)  but to me that’s the best part. Creating fun memories with your family!  How fun is this?

You see!!  Kanye isn’t as crazy as they make him seem. He just needs to be reimagined as a gift idea. Whether you choose one or all of these gift ideas I hope you were inspired to think outside of the box and create something truly imaginative that your loved one will really enjoy.

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12 Tips for Getting your First Brazilian Wax


YOU GUYSSSSSSS! I did the unthinkable. That’s right. I actually got my first brazilian wax.  I have an odd sense of accomplishment from doing it. It was something that I have always wondered about, so for my trip to Bermuda I thought I might as well try it.

european wax1

The Result. I will never do anything else. This is the best thing that has ever happend to beautify my genital region. Now don’t go getting all weird. We are all adults here and we all have to deal with that region on a daily basis, so why not talk about it?!

For me it is the part of my body that I would prefer to keep SUPER clean. And for me this is a way to do it.  Here are my tips for going to European Wax Center and getting a brazilian…

european wax.jpg

1. Take Advantage of your First Wax

I did a lot of research about Brazilian waxes and the location I decided to go with was European Wax Centers.  They are located all around the country.  I went to the Clackamas location located here in Oregon. Here’s why I chose it.  First of all, as a first time waxer you get a free wax (anything other than Brazilian) or a discount on a Brazilian wax.  What would have cost me around $50 only cost me $25!!  WINNING!!!! This is only a 1 time thing though.

2. Read about Other People’s  Experiences

I  was on YouTube for like 3 days straight just reading  about  other people’s experiences. It helped me realize what I was getting myself into. I will post a video next time I go. Stay tuned. Next appointment September 22!!!

3. It hurts but only for a few seconds

Don’t go into this thinking it doesn’t hurt. It absolutely DOES. But only for a second. LITERALLY.  Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed? Its exactly the same as that but on your vag. It hurts for only the second that they are ripping the hair out and it goes away. You are not in pain for 3 days or anything like that. I walked out of there on a smooth skin HIGH! I cannot tell you enough, IT ONLY HURTS FOR 1 SECOND! YOU WILL TOTALLY SURVIVE.  There are things that are WAY WAAAAAAAAY worse than getting a brazilian wax. Like a paper cut. Paper cuts hurt like a… well you know.

4. Be ready for the technician to talk a lot

I’m not sure if this is true for other women, but you know one of the most annoying things for me is when I  go to the OBGYN for a  pap test, the gynecologist is suddenly very interested in MY life and everything I’m doing. Just won’t stop talking to me. Like really? You are all up in my vag and you want to discuss my Friday night dinner plans?!  Why am I suddenly more interesting in THIS circumstance? Well… its the same thing when you are getting waxed.  She will be talking your ear off, so just be ready to have a long life conversation while you are spread eagle.

talk too much.jpg


5. They DO NOT use wax strips

I kind of assumed that  they would be using wax strips but they didn’t! They use a hard wax. This means the wax sticks directly to the hair rather than to the skin. So when the wax begins to harden they just strip it right off without strips! Pretty cool. The wax is super warm and feels a little weird but kinda great at the same time lol

hard wax.jpg

6. It doesn’t take long

I went in thinking it would take like an hour. I was in and out of the place in like 15-20 minutes! Quick and easy.


7. Grow out your hair for 4 weeks before your first Brazilian wax

You want to make sure that your hair is long before your first wax. Why? Because waxing removes hair from the follicle.  So the longer your hair, the easier it is to remove the follicle and the longer the wax will last and the smoother you will be.  YES!!


8. You are waxed from Front to Back

Yep. A brazilian means they get it ALL!! Vag & Booty… is that a song? (Bad and Boujee comes to mind. LOL)


9. Don’t get talked into buying the products

After your wax, the people working there will try to talk you into buying their expensive products. I unfortunately fell for it and bought some little “ingrown hair wipes” and I’ve only used them one time and have seen no difference.  They have what seems to be good products, so purchase if you want. I just don’t see any need moving forward.


10. Prepare to be tweezed

I was NOT expecting this. But they actually tweeze you down there too.  I mean they are super on point about removing ALL hairs even if that means you need a tweeze. Again, not really painful.



11. They DO NOT numb you

There are some myths out there that you get numbed before they wax you. NOT TRUE!! And you really don’t need it. I promise its not as bad as it seems.

12.  Do not use any lotions or creams after your first wax

After your wax you willl be VERY sensitive down there. Any types of lotions or oils may sting a little. Just be gentle to yourself and make sure to wear cotton panties (granny panties). You will be thankful you did.



Well, there you have it. My little insightful information for those of you interested in taking the plunge. My biggest tip is to just GO FOR IT!!!! You will be so happy that you did. I will never shave again. Waxing is definitely worth the money.  Two HUUUUUUUUGE thumbs up for European Wax Center!!!



Travelling out of the country KID-FREE for the First Time

So far, parenthood has been pretty much us just winging it! I can admit it and say I didn’t really read any parenting books or take any parenting classes. We just kind of dove in blind into this whole thing and so far the reward has far surpassed the risk.  We are so in love with our baby girl. But if you have any experience as a parent, you would understand that every now and then you just need a break! A long… solid… BREAK!

Well, this year my hubby and I decided to celebrate our anniversary out of the country! We went the beautiful island of Bermuda… KID-FREE!!!!  It was scary to think about leaving Adley (Mum-Mum and Pop pop loved having her though) behind for a week but we really wanted to reconnect as husband and wife and enjoy things that you can’t do with a child that is so young…. swimming in a secluded blue lagoon in the warm rain! (more on that later)


The goal of this trip was not only to celebrate our 6 year anniversary but also to maximize the romance and reconnect as husband and wife! Reconnecting is something that you really don’t get a chance to do much once a baby comes along. At  least not like THIS.  So we amped things up BIG time and spared no expense.


My relationship with Jordan came long before Adley was even a thought, and our connection is so deeply rooted and amazing. I can truly say that no one touches my soul the way that he does.  Yep, that dude is my soulmate, my soulbrotha, my soulman, whatever you want to call it, he’s THAT guy.  Although we knew extended uninterrupted time together would be few and far between once our baby was born,  it does bum me out when we don’t get as much time with each other as we did pre-baby.  But now that alone time is limited, when we DO get time, why not kick it up a notch or 2 or 3?

There is always that argument on what comes first in a marriage… kids or husband/wife? This is a complicated question because the first thing a lot of people want to say is of course the child.   Right?  Well, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.  It just depends on the dynamics within your household.  In our family, we agreed early on that our marriage would always come first.  And ’til this day, that remains true.  What do I mean by that?

This does not mean that our child is NOT a priority, she absolutely is and we would do anything for her. She is literally the best thing that has happened to us.  But in order to make sure that our child gets the best of US as her parents, we gotta work on us FIRST. Emotionally, physically, spiritually… we need to make sure we are in check as husband and wife and as Adley’s parents.   And sometimes, working on US means setting aside time for just US.  Also, I feel like working on our marriage is an ongoing process when things are good AND when things aren’t so good.  We are just better this way.   So… BERMUDA OR BUST… Check out these pix of us pretending to be fancy in the STUNNING island of Bermuda….

Did you know that Bermuda is an island was originally colonized by the Brits?  Its pretty incredible. The architecture, the culture, the history…gah! It was fabulous beyond words.  Definitely has an “old money” vibe.  Very sophisticated and swanky.  When I say swanky, I mean this is where the BILLIONAIRES vacation.  Things are SO expensive.  The craziest expense we saw as a Totino’s pizza,  you know those cheap frozen pizzas at the supermarket for 99 cents? A Totino’s pizza in Bermuda was $5.95!!!!!!! Complete madness.

Now you’re probably wondering how we were able to survive in Bermuda for a week. Well, the key was getting a cottage apartment.  We were able to cook some of our food while we were there. This saved us A LOT of money.  The average meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)  ran us upwards of $40/person per meal.  When we tried to find something cheaper the food sucked.

Although we were on vacation, 99% of our conversation was about how beautiful Bermuda was, how adorable our child is, and when and where we were going to eat.  Yep… we are new parents and travelling without her for the first time… and we love to eat.

The Reunion


I don’t care what you say, even if I’m out of town for just 48 hours, when I walk back into the door of my house it always feels SO good.  But this time it felt extra good because when that tiny human ran to me and wrapped her little arms around my neck and held on so hard… everything felt back to normal.  There is truly no place like home. And now-a-days, it is not home without my Adley Jae and my wet nosed, hyperactive pup Chubbs.

Looking back over these past 6 years of marriage, we have grown so much in our relationship.  I feel like our love is stronger than EVER.  Its so amazing to see my husband become a dad.  Its almost like dating a new guy.   Like who is this new man?  I kinda have a huge crush on him.  He’s kinda dope!  I didn’t know he knew baby talk!  I can’t wait to continue to get to know this new dad-husband, but I was also really happy to have a reunion with that guy that stole my heart…Jordan. Happy Anniversary my love!







13 Ridiculously Useful Laundry Themed Gift Ideas for Men

For this fun post, I wanted to suggest uber creative gift ideas for men that will tickle your man’s… well, you know.  When creating these posts I have to dig deep into my creative juices because as we all know, most men are SUPER hard to shop for.

In my experience, the best gifts that I have ever given to my husband have been the practical ones. Yes, they may seem boring to us but to them they are incredibly useful! One thing that my husband takes pride in are his clothes.  He likes to have his shirts smelling fresh, and pressed nice and crisp so he looks good and feels good when he’s at work or out and about.  He has specific routines that he does when doing laundry. So I thought, Laundry is a FANTASTIC gift theme.  All men need to have their laundry done, right?  Why not gift them with it!

Make sure you read this ENTIRE post, because some of these gift ideas may really surprise you. Heck, you might want some of these things for yourself!!!

Disclaimer: Some of the men’s gift ideas below contain affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission on purchases. Thank you for your support!


1. Hire a Laundry Concierge

laundry concierge

Give the gift of NOT doing his laundry. What would be better than having someone pick up, clean, fold, and drop off your laundry for you while you’re at work? Trust me. HE WILL WORSHIP YOU FOR THIS! The great people at The Laundry Concierge in Toronto do it right. Not in Toronto? This growing industry might just have it in your area too check out gift idea #7! Also, do a google search and see what else is in your area.

2. DIY Laundry Detergent

laundry detergent

Create your own delicious smelling laundry detergent to give to him! Not only is it thoughtful, but it is also cost effective. You can give him a whole bucket full of laundry on the cheap.  ////Sharp Tip: Instead of just putting the detergent in a basic jar, go the extra mile and make or order a custom jar instead.///  Here are 10 different recipes

3. Portable Laundry Machine

portable laundry machine

This gift is PERFECT for the outdoorsy type of guy.  If your hubby likes to camp, surf, or go on long overnight hikes, he can take a laundry machine with him and have fresh and clean clothes every day! Its simple to use and extremely portable. It easily fits into a small bag or backpack. Simply add soap, water, swish around and rinse! Easy Peasy.


4. Sock Locks

lock socks

There is no bigger mystery in this world than where the eff do all of my socks go? The Big Foot fantatics have it all wrong. Satsquwatch is not in the wilderness, he lives inside each of our laundry machines and eats socks to survive. sock monster Like for real… where do they go? The angels from Helping Hand have figured out to how keep the sock monsters out and keep your socks in tact in each and every wash! In my experience, guys are very particular about their socks. Make sure he doesn’t lose them during his wash cycles. He will be ever so grateful.

5. Unshrinkable Men’s T-Shirts

llbean shirt

As a millenial (at 31 I’m still considered a millenial. Weird), when I hear the word L.L. Bean I think of my dad (sorry daddy-o). I mean L.L. Bean SCREAMS dad bod all over it right? But one thing that no one can touch LL Bean with is their incredible unshrinkable men’s t-shirts. Get longer wear, wash them a million times and they never shrink!!!  Amazing!!!

////TRUE STORY: When my husband and I were dating, I took it upon myself to do some of his laundry. Mind you, we had only been dating for like 6 months or something at this point. We were serious but not talking marriage or anything yet. One day I wanted to do something nice for him, so I washed all of his T-Shirts and threw them in the dryer. He comes home from work and I was expecting a huge, “THANK YOU FOR DOING MY LAUNDRY (kiss…kiss…hug…tongue action…hug kiss kiss) !!!” Instead I got a terrible glare that I read as, “OMG WHAT THE F*&$ DID THIS B*#^~!  JUST DO???” Apparently, I shrunk ALL of his T-Shirts.  He was not happy. So learn from my poor decisions and just order the shirt… pretty please. Be Smarter… (no I did not replace any of his t-shirts. He still married me though. Now I have a lifetime to replace them. LOL)


6. Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Markers

sharpie pen

This is great for college students.  Although Sharpie claims that their markers are permanent, this does not always resonate with ALL materials. The markers will fade or even wash off on certain things.  These markers are specifically designed to have their ink go in the wash.  If your son is in college,  give him one of these markers to mark with his name! That way if anything is left in the communal laundry room, he will be able to claim and find his stuff! Practical and useful gift idea.


7. Laundry Apps

Rinse App

During my research, I discovered that there are several laundry related apps available out there.  But the one I loved most was RINSE.  You could call RINSE the “Uber of Laundry.”  You select the service/subscription you want, put your dirty clothes in a bag, schedule your laundry valet to come pick it up, they wash your clothes, and the valet will drop it off at your doorstep. The app is SUPER easy to use.  It makes you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  To give this as a “gift” you would have your dude sign up for the FREE Rinse App and send credits to their account.  Simple. Easy. Practical. Useful. Fun. Unique. Trendy. Refreshing. This gift has it all!

RINSE is not yet available nationwide. They are located in the select cities of San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. But they are GROWING. Check out these other laundry apps to see if they are in your area: Cleanly, FlyCleaners

8. Luxury Laundry Detergent – #GIFTCRUSH

the laundressPhoto by The Laundress

This gift idea may appeal more to ME than to my husband but I think he would truly appreciate it as a gift and yours might too.  Did you know that there is a new and untapped market for luxury laundry detergent products? I didn’t either! The ladies at the Laundress have perfected it! They are located in New York City, but you are able to purchase products online too from anywhere.  They put in so much time and care into developing their small batch detergents to make sure your fabrics are properly cared for. They also have valuable “How-tos” for how to improve your laundry experience on their website.  So not only will your man have delicious smelling laundry, but his clothing will also last longer! Invest in this luxurious brand asap! Its truly lovely.  Make a sexy laundry gift basket with their products in it and some fresh new undershirts! #GIFTCRUSH


9. Custom Suit Hangers

butler lux1

If your man wears a suit to work everyday, a gift that will help him preserve his suits is a GREAT idea! Check out these custom suit hangers from Butler Luxury.  They are beautifully crafted wooden hangers that will hang your man’s suits PERFECTLY each and every time! No more weird creases and folds.  These hangers are what suits were made for. His closet is about to get pimped out!


10. Coin Rolls

coin rolls

If your guy does not have the luxury of having a washer and dryer inside his home, then he probably goes to the laundry mat! I did this a lot in college and it wasn’t very convenient but you get used to it after time.  One bonus of hitting the laundry mat, is that you can do super large loads of laundry all at once. You can also wash large items like your comforter from the bed. That part I LOVE about the laundry mat.  One thing you always need are coins!  To make your laundry mat dude’s life easier, give him several dollars worth of quarter rolls.  Make it cute by saying something like:

“You are the coin to my machine.” Hahaha!!! Again… YOU for the win!


11. Lint Rollers

flint lint roller

I’m not talking about those sticky lint rollers you see in the Target check out line that you buy impulsively. I’m talking about this fancy dancy RETRACTABLE lint roller called FLINT. This lint roller is super small (only about 5 inches long) and works similar to a lipstick tube. You can take it just about anywhere.  The best part about it is that it is retractable, making it so that the sticky part doesn’t stick to any weird hairs or fuzz balls. Keep the sticky part STICKY!!!

12. Garment Steamer


////True Story: I used to be a women’s fashion boutique owner.  By working in fashion, I had to make sure my clothes always looked perfect and the best way to quickly get rid of wrinkles and not ruin the fabric is to use steam.  I had to have put in a million hours of steaming alone. I absolutely LOVE my steamer and how it works.

I am recommending the Steamer I used when I owned my store.  It worked great for me and I know your ironing-hating man will too! Much easier than ironing.  Just add water and go!

13. Dirty Laundry

dirty laundry

Maybe you never thought about making laundry sexy, but have an open mind and get creative!!! Remember, this gift is all about HIM.  Bust out that college slutty maid outfit that you wore to the Pimps & Hoes frat party back in 2002 and “wash his clothes” for him.  Turn the laundry room into a romantic destination. Find a reason to get dirty so you HAVE to wash clothes.  Have fun with it… spice it up a bit. I’m no sexpert but I know that if you have a main squeeze in your life, this is a foolproof gift idea.

And there you have it folks!! I told you that this post would be worth your while.  Who would have thought that laundry could be such a fabulous gift idea?

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10 Unforgettable Space Themed Gift Ideas For Men

The best space themed gift for men.

If you’re like me, you pretend that you don’t like space but secretly obsess over it. Well, maybe you want to give the guy in your life a  fun and unexpected gift of intergalactic fun.

This gift idea theme is great for your space loving guy or maybe you just want to give him something out-of-this-world (pun ABSOLUTELY intended) . Whatever the case, this gift is truly unforgettable. SPACE GEEKS UNITE!!!

Disclaimer:  Some of the gift ideas below contain affiliate links. This means I receive a commission from purchases. I appreciate your support!!

 1. Astronaut Mitts

Space Mitts

Genius!! Pull those muffins out of the oven in style with these cute and functional space kitchen mitts. They are definitely a conversation starter at his next get together. Find these at THE SPACE SHOP for only $11.99. Plus find other fun space related gifts there too.

2. Solar Smart Phone Charger

Solar Phone

So maybe your guy is not quite a super space geek, but loves the use of space technology. Well… Solar Smart Phone Charger is the perfect gift. That’s right, you can charge your smart phone with the SUN!!! One great place that this could come in handy is on the airplane, out camping, on the side of the road… wherever your can get sunlight is where you can take it. He will love it. This amazon charger is only $20.99

3. NASA Slipper Socks


slipper sock

Wear the exact same slippers that current astronauts wear in space! These comfy socks will keep your dude’s feet cozy and cushy with their memory foam inserts. They also provide excellent traction due to their high quality leather sole. Great alternative to your basic house shoes.

4. Adult Space Camp

You read that right. You can actually go to space camp as an ADULT and still feel cool.  This camp is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Train like an astronaut trains and even build your own rocket. Definitely a uniquely nerdy and fun experience. Broaden yours and HIS horizons and take the trip together. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Is there alcohol involved?… I will get back to you with that one. Watch the video!

5.  Visit a Dark Sky Park

Dark Sky pic

What is a dark sky park? It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a place where the dark sky is preserved from any sort of unnatural light creating an extraordinarily fantastic view of the starry night.  The international Dark Sky Association says that there are 23 preserves in the US.  Take your boo to one of these parks and catch a shooting star in action.  The stars will be the brightest you have ever seen! This is sure to get your romantic juices flowin and an amazing gift to your sugar plum. Maybe he will get lucky??? You be the judge.

////True Story:  When my husband and I were about to get married, we drove up to Black Butte which is a city near swanky Bend, OR.  It was the end of December so you have to drive over the mountain pass to get there so the roads are very icy and snowy.  Long story short, my husband pulled over to put chains on the tires only to find out they DIDN’T FIT!!! So while we were standing there trying to figure out what to do, I look up and I swear I have NEVER seen the stars so bright before. They seemed so close I felt like I could touch them. It was one of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life. So this theme idea was inspired by that trip. Here is a pic from that trip 171078_532315294469_2577823_o

6. Leggo My Eggo


Start off his morning with deliciously weird tasting Eggo Waffles. Looks nothing like a waffle, tastes nothing like a waffle, but are so delicious you dream of them in your spare time. If he is anything like my husband and I  then you are obsessed with Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. Channel his inner “Eleven” with a tasty breakfast. Haven’t seen Stranger Things yet? Please do yourself a favor and check it out. Its like E.T meets The Goonies. (But if he’s a real space geek, he should already know this)  Here is the trailer for Stranger Things season 2 set to premiere on Halloween! The anticipation is KILLIN ME!

6.  Star Trek Bathrobe

star trek robe

Where are all my Trekies at?  Have your hubby stepping out of the shower in style in this cozy Star Trek robe.  Funny?… CHECK. Perfectly Cheesy?… Check. Your man hating that he LOVES it?…. CHECK CHECK AND CHECK!

6.  Anything Neil DeGrasse Tyson


If your guy is a true lover of space, then you can’t lose with NDT.  The mustache alone is that of legends. Who didn’t watch Cosmos when it first came out? (probably a lot of people but that’s besides the point). Treat him to an NDT book or DVD.  Or better yet, why not have him just sport his face around on a day to day? The sky is the limit. And you really can’t go wrong. He’s going to LOVE YOU for this awesome gift.

7. Hemisphere Cake

Hemisphere-Cake-Pans-800x800 Photo by CakeCrumbs

Ok. So you bought the NDT t-shirt and planned a trip to a Dark Sky Park, but you forgot about the celebration cake!! Don’t fret. You can totally make your own cake with this handy hemisphere cake mold. And here’s a recipe. You’re welcome!

8.  Astronaut Backpack 

space backpack

Maybe you need something for the little man in your life. This adorable space backpack is just what he needs! Make him feel like he is a true space explorer with this fun gift idea. Its also a great price. MOM for the WIN!

9.  Sexy Space Girl

space girl

Maybe your gift to your guy is the best gift of all… YOU!!! (Isn’t it always) End your guy’s special day with an unexpected intergalatic space themed night cap. You can find your sexy space girl outfit here. Mission Accomplished!

10.  Space Cocktail


 by Askmen

** Fun fact: this drink was crafted by a bartender in 1969 to commemorate the moon landing of Apollo 11**

moonwalk drink Photo & Recipe by Saveur

1 part fresh grapefruit juice
1 part Grand Marnier
2 dashes of rosewater (available at most grocery stores, just ask)

Shake all the ingredients with ice, strain into a fluted glass and top up with Champagne.

Sip Sip HOORAY!!! Nothing like a delicious cocktail to celebrate. Why not add to your space themed gift with a perfectly crafted space drink. YUM!


And there you have it! The most incredible men’s gift ideas for the space enthusiast. Want more great gift ideas from SHARPLANDIA? Subscribe HERE.

Thank you for reading!

Cheers, Sarah



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