13 Ridiculously Useful Laundry Themed Gift Ideas for Men

For this fun post, I wanted to suggest uber creative gift ideas for men that will tickle your man’s… well, you know.  When creating these posts I have to dig deep into my creative juices because as we all know, most men are SUPER hard to shop for.

In my experience, the best gifts that I have ever given to my husband have been the practical ones. Yes, they may seem boring to us but to them they are incredibly useful! One thing that my husband takes pride in are his clothes.  He likes to have his shirts smelling fresh, and pressed nice and crisp so he looks good and feels good when he’s at work or out and about.  He has specific routines that he does when doing laundry. So I thought, Laundry is a FANTASTIC gift theme.  All men need to have their laundry done, right?  Why not gift them with it!

Make sure you read this ENTIRE post, because some of these gift ideas may really surprise you. Heck, you might want some of these things for yourself!!!

Disclaimer: Some of the men’s gift ideas below contain affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission on purchases. Thank you for your support!


1. Hire a Laundry Concierge

laundry concierge

Give the gift of NOT doing his laundry. What would be better than having someone pick up, clean, fold, and drop off your laundry for you while you’re at work? Trust me. HE WILL WORSHIP YOU FOR THIS! The great people at The Laundry Concierge in Toronto do it right. Not in Toronto? This growing industry might just have it in your area too check out gift idea #7! Also, do a google search and see what else is in your area.

2. DIY Laundry Detergent

laundry detergent

Create your own delicious smelling laundry detergent to give to him! Not only is it thoughtful, but it is also cost effective. You can give him a whole bucket full of laundry on the cheap.  ////Sharp Tip: Instead of just putting the detergent in a basic jar, go the extra mile and make or order a custom jar instead.///  Here are 10 different recipes

3. Portable Laundry Machine

portable laundry machine

This gift is PERFECT for the outdoorsy type of guy.  If your hubby likes to camp, surf, or go on long overnight hikes, he can take a laundry machine with him and have fresh and clean clothes every day! Its simple to use and extremely portable. It easily fits into a small bag or backpack. Simply add soap, water, swish around and rinse! Easy Peasy.


4. Sock Locks

lock socks

There is no bigger mystery in this world than where the eff do all of my socks go? The Big Foot fantatics have it all wrong. Satsquwatch is not in the wilderness, he lives inside each of our laundry machines and eats socks to survive. sock monster Like for real… where do they go? The angels from Helping Hand have figured out to how keep the sock monsters out and keep your socks in tact in each and every wash! In my experience, guys are very particular about their socks. Make sure he doesn’t lose them during his wash cycles. He will be ever so grateful.

5. Unshrinkable Men’s T-Shirts

llbean shirt

As a millenial (at 31 I’m still considered a millenial. Weird), when I hear the word L.L. Bean I think of my dad (sorry daddy-o). I mean L.L. Bean SCREAMS dad bod all over it right? But one thing that no one can touch LL Bean with is their incredible unshrinkable men’s t-shirts. Get longer wear, wash them a million times and they never shrink!!!  Amazing!!!

////TRUE STORY: When my husband and I were dating, I took it upon myself to do some of his laundry. Mind you, we had only been dating for like 6 months or something at this point. We were serious but not talking marriage or anything yet. One day I wanted to do something nice for him, so I washed all of his T-Shirts and threw them in the dryer. He comes home from work and I was expecting a huge, “THANK YOU FOR DOING MY LAUNDRY (kiss…kiss…hug…tongue action…hug kiss kiss) !!!” Instead I got a terrible glare that I read as, “OMG WHAT THE F*&$ DID THIS B*#^~!  JUST DO???” Apparently, I shrunk ALL of his T-Shirts.  He was not happy. So learn from my poor decisions and just order the shirt… pretty please. Be Smarter… (no I did not replace any of his t-shirts. He still married me though. Now I have a lifetime to replace them. LOL)


6. Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Markers

sharpie pen

This is great for college students.  Although Sharpie claims that their markers are permanent, this does not always resonate with ALL materials. The markers will fade or even wash off on certain things.  These markers are specifically designed to have their ink go in the wash.  If your son is in college,  give him one of these markers to mark with his name! That way if anything is left in the communal laundry room, he will be able to claim and find his stuff! Practical and useful gift idea.


7. Laundry Apps

Rinse App

During my research, I discovered that there are several laundry related apps available out there.  But the one I loved most was RINSE.  You could call RINSE the “Uber of Laundry.”  You select the service/subscription you want, put your dirty clothes in a bag, schedule your laundry valet to come pick it up, they wash your clothes, and the valet will drop it off at your doorstep. The app is SUPER easy to use.  It makes you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  To give this as a “gift” you would have your dude sign up for the FREE Rinse App and send credits to their account.  Simple. Easy. Practical. Useful. Fun. Unique. Trendy. Refreshing. This gift has it all!

RINSE is not yet available nationwide. They are located in the select cities of San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. But they are GROWING. Check out these other laundry apps to see if they are in your area: Cleanly, FlyCleaners

8. Luxury Laundry Detergent – #GIFTCRUSH

the laundressPhoto by The Laundress

This gift idea may appeal more to ME than to my husband but I think he would truly appreciate it as a gift and yours might too.  Did you know that there is a new and untapped market for luxury laundry detergent products? I didn’t either! The ladies at the Laundress have perfected it! They are located in New York City, but you are able to purchase products online too from anywhere.  They put in so much time and care into developing their small batch detergents to make sure your fabrics are properly cared for. They also have valuable “How-tos” for how to improve your laundry experience on their website.  So not only will your man have delicious smelling laundry, but his clothing will also last longer! Invest in this luxurious brand asap! Its truly lovely.  Make a sexy laundry gift basket with their products in it and some fresh new undershirts! #GIFTCRUSH


9. Custom Suit Hangers

butler lux1

If your man wears a suit to work everyday, a gift that will help him preserve his suits is a GREAT idea! Check out these custom suit hangers from Butler Luxury.  They are beautifully crafted wooden hangers that will hang your man’s suits PERFECTLY each and every time! No more weird creases and folds.  These hangers are what suits were made for. His closet is about to get pimped out!


10. Coin Rolls

coin rolls

If your guy does not have the luxury of having a washer and dryer inside his home, then he probably goes to the laundry mat! I did this a lot in college and it wasn’t very convenient but you get used to it after time.  One bonus of hitting the laundry mat, is that you can do super large loads of laundry all at once. You can also wash large items like your comforter from the bed. That part I LOVE about the laundry mat.  One thing you always need are coins!  To make your laundry mat dude’s life easier, give him several dollars worth of quarter rolls.  Make it cute by saying something like:

“You are the coin to my machine.” Hahaha!!! Again… YOU for the win!


11. Lint Rollers

flint lint roller

I’m not talking about those sticky lint rollers you see in the Target check out line that you buy impulsively. I’m talking about this fancy dancy RETRACTABLE lint roller called FLINT. This lint roller is super small (only about 5 inches long) and works similar to a lipstick tube. You can take it just about anywhere.  The best part about it is that it is retractable, making it so that the sticky part doesn’t stick to any weird hairs or fuzz balls. Keep the sticky part STICKY!!!

12. Garment Steamer


////True Story: I used to be a women’s fashion boutique owner.  By working in fashion, I had to make sure my clothes always looked perfect and the best way to quickly get rid of wrinkles and not ruin the fabric is to use steam.  I had to have put in a million hours of steaming alone. I absolutely LOVE my steamer and how it works.

I am recommending the Steamer I used when I owned my store.  It worked great for me and I know your ironing-hating man will too! Much easier than ironing.  Just add water and go!

13. Dirty Laundry

dirty laundry

Maybe you never thought about making laundry sexy, but have an open mind and get creative!!! Remember, this gift is all about HIM.  Bust out that college slutty maid outfit that you wore to the Pimps & Hoes frat party back in 2002 and “wash his clothes” for him.  Turn the laundry room into a romantic destination. Find a reason to get dirty so you HAVE to wash clothes.  Have fun with it… spice it up a bit. I’m no sexpert but I know that if you have a main squeeze in your life, this is a foolproof gift idea.

And there you have it folks!! I told you that this post would be worth your while.  Who would have thought that laundry could be such a fabulous gift idea?

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